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iPlug2 funding drive (for Apple Silicon +)

Dear All,

TL;DR - if you think iPlug2 is valuable, and would like it to work well on the new Apple hardware, please consider supporting it financially.

Many of you are patrons/github sponsors or have sent one-off donations via paypal to support iPlug2 development. This has been great and has enabled me to continue to improve iPlug2 over the last year. I also appreciate the fact that many people’s lives and incomes are affected by the pandemic, and they may be unable to contribute at this time. The iPlug2 community has been growing a lot lately, and people have been making some really nice stuff with it, which makes me happy :slight_smile:

As you may have heard, Apple are transitioning to ARM based CPUs for their desktop machines and as such there is a significant amount of work to do to ensure that iPlug2 plug-ins are ready. Originally I was planning on licensing iOS/AUv3 support for iPlug2 differently to the rest of the codebase, in order to make the project financially viable, but I decided not to, after receiving some excellent code-contributions from iPlug2 users. As far as I know, we are yet to see an iPlug2 plug-in released for iOS, but supporting this was/is a massive amount of work - since AUv3 is a complex format and I needed to rework iPlug2 for multitouch. I decided not to charge for it, because I felt that it would be better for the overall atmosphere here, and to encourage more 3rd party contributions. Now, it seems likely that solid AUv3 support will be important for Apple desktop machines going forward.

I have had 81 patrons at patreon since starting, and currently have 47, contributing between 1$ and 20$ which right now results in about $150/month. I have 22 sponsors at github sponsors which is better for me, since github don’t take any money and have been matching the contributions. Github makes an estimated income of $465.00/month according to their stats, but has been higher. Since I live in quite an expensive part of the world (near London), this is far off a sustainable income stream, so I also do contracting work, skype lessons, and of course sell my own products, but these things take away time from working on iPlug2, supporting people on the forum and so on.

I’ve recently seen some great successes with people making the equivalent of a senior developer salary purely from their sponsorship, on open source projects of great value such as Ardour. I would love to achieve this level of financial support, so I can focus on making iPlug2 as awesome as I want it to be. Other than what has been mentioned, my goals include: documentation, finishing multi-touch support, linux, improving the build-scripts/build system and of course general stability.

In the short term it would be great to get more funding to support the development work required for Apple Silicon. I need to raise $500 to purchase an apple DTK which is a mac mini with the new chips that I have to return to apple. In addition I would like to raise some more funds so to cover the time spent on that work, which will benefit the whole iPlug2 community.

Please consider sponsoring the project, tell your friends to sponsor it too, and if you are already sponsoring and you can afford to, it would be wonderful if you could boost your contribution. I hope that by the end of this year the project will be in a very healthy state and I can remove that “production ready” statement from the front page!

By far the best place to sponsor is at github

Thank you!



I think its incredible what you have achieved so far, and your choice to remain open source and indie represents another good example of how our creative communities can continue, evolve and sustain. GitHub’s sponsor matching drive is a very inspiring example of progressive values and value exchange. I only wish that there were such support structures for us musicians, but we are still f***kd even after pandemic, behaviours towards the consumption of music and renumeration to music creators, have not changed. This is why I am studying every day how to program in iPlug2 so I can maybe make something from my lifes career in music. So thankyou for your dedication, its could be a lifeline for artist like myself urgently needing to move sideways professionally