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Best way to show / hide / remove multiple controls

Hi everyone,
I’m in the process of working with a lot of vector controls in different clickable panels and I’m not quite sure what the best practice is for dealing with a lot of elements’ visibility. I am currently using lambda functions, which are beginning to pile up. I tried working with groups and the ForControlInGroup function but got the following error:

no suitable user-defined conversion from type to std::function<void (iplug::igraphics::IControl &control)> exists

I’m 99% sure a pile of lambda functions isn’t the best way to approach this, so what would be?

Thanks for any help,

I have created my own tabstrip control. There I can add panels wich work as a container for all attached controls to that panel. When the tab is changed I simply hide all controls and show only those in the active tab panel.
The controls are still attached to the regular graphics context.
Works pretty well so far.

void SelectTab(int index)
    // Ensure the selected tab index exists
    selectedTabIndex_ = std::min(index, maxIndex_);

    // Show the selected tab panel and hide all others
    for (int i = 0; i < panels_.size(); i++)
        panels_[i]->Hide(i != selectedTabIndex_);

Thanks, I didn’t even think about storing controls in a vector. Everything is working now except for when I reopen the UI after closing it in FL Studio. I’m 99% sure this won’t meaning anything though:

Exception: Access violation at address 00007FFE1853A296 in module 'StupidCompressor.vst3'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Callstack: 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE1853A296: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE186A85B2: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE1852C9B1: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE185282FE: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE1853CA4A: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE184F2099: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE184F3E1A: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE1848EB85: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE184FA31C: StupidCompressor.vst3 00007FFE180F0000:00007FFE1851F67B: StupidCompressor.vst3 000000000CAC0000:000000000CE4D3A9: EFruity Wrapper_x64.dll 000000000CAC0000:000000000CE78A2C: EFruity Wrapper_x64.dll 000000000CAC0000:000000000CE7A54D: EFruity Wrapper_x64.dll 000000000CAC0000:000000000CE8E2C8: EFruity Wrapper_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:00000000032F750A: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:00000000032ED0BA: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:00000000032ED5ED: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000003739E9D: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:000000000373A0EF: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:000000000373BACE: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:00000000036C1860: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:00000000036C5FD0: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:00000000036C4B5E: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D4F387: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002EAABCD: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D4F48E: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D4F50A: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002BAF7B1: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D4EBC6: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D4E6B2: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D55201: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D558E7: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002EB2830: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002D54E9C: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000002CAC236: FLEngine_x64.dll 00007FFE75AA0000:00007FFE75AAE858: USER32.dll 00007FFE75AA0000:00007FFE75AAE299: USER32.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000003059498: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:0000000003059508: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:00000000030599F8: FLEngine_x64.dll 0000000002BA0000:000000000377270A: FLEngine_x64.dll 00007FF7AEEC0000:00007FF7AEEC3BE7: FL64.exe 00007FF7AEEC0000:00007FF7AEEC400B: FL64.exe 00007FF7AEEC0000:00007FF7AEEC5287: FL64.exe 00007FFE75910000:00007FFE75927034: KERNEL32.DLL 00007FFE77410000:00007FFE77462651: ntdll.dll

It appears to happen when I call my HideGroup(int group) an d ShowGroup(int group) functions, and only after I have closed and reopened the UI. Do the pointers for the controls need to be reinitialized? If so, how?

I am creating the controls as pointers, storing those pointers in structs that also hold a group ID, and then the struct object is the thing added to the vector array. Did you also run into this? And is there a way to fix this? Thank you in advance.

Hard to tell what’s causing the problem. Often I had problems when I had a member variable for a control. Now I recreate everything including containers when the UI is created.

I see what you mean now - I just made sure to resize the vector array to 0 and it works now. Thanks for your time!