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dbMeter set range

Dear guys,

I use next ( int mMeterIdx_L, mMeterIdx_R;):

    if (GetGUI()) {
        GetGUI()->SetControlFromPlug(mMeterIdx_L, peakL);
        GetGUI()->SetControlFromPlug(mMeterIdx_R, peakR);


bitmap = pGraphics->LoadPointerToBitmap(METER_ID, METER_FN, kMeter_N);
mMeterIdx_L = *pGraphics->AttachControl(new IBitmapControl(this, kMeterL_X, kMeterL_Y, bitmap));
mMeterIdx_R = *pGraphics->AttachControl(new IBitmapControl(this, kMeterR_X, kMeterR_Y, bitmap));

Could you please help me how I can set range dbMeter or provide me link to doc for investigate it?? For example from 0 to 32 dB


Welcome, this is iPlug1 code, please use the WDL forum for iPlug1 questions: https://forum.cockos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=32