How much time should I take to generate 44100 samples?


I know there’s no clear-cut answer to this, and the answer is probably “less than a second minus a lot overhead for other stuff on the same thread”.

However, I’d like a bit of guidance on what is deemed acceptable. For context, let’s assume a 12 voice synth with 7 part unison on 4 oscillators (just sines for now), 3 lfos and 3 envelopes, no fx or filters yet. All modulators run on each voice, plus I have a “fake” mono track that runs the modulators as well, just so I’ll be able to use the modulators globally. Not sure if that’s a common approach, kinda figuring things out as I go.

I’m currently taking around 10ms to generate a second of audio, which is probably well within acceptable limits, but I’m on a decently fast computer (m2 max), and I still have some stuff to add. I can probably speed things up a bit with some simd but that would require a bit of a rewrite (again), and I’m not sure if I should.