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Long PopUpMenu scroll trouble

Hello! When I tried to use the IPopupMenuControl and make a menu with many items I found that the menu scroll didn’t work properly. In void IPopupMenuControl::Expand(const IRECT& anchorArea) is calculating

float maxB = mMaxBounds.B - panelHeight - (mDropShadowSize * 2.f); 

and then

if ( y > maxB ) y = maxB; 

But maxB can be negative and in this case menu scroll doesn’t work. I’m not sure that it was right but I added after that

if (y < 0) y = 0;

and now the scroll works correctly
Hope it will helps to someone

Another moment: when I put cursor on scroll button the menu scrolling only to one page. If I need to scroll next I have to move the mouse but not to click

Hi there, please open an issue on the Github Page so we can track issue. Also can you please give more details about the scrolling issue? Maybe a few screenshots or steps to reproduce?

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I’ll open issue little later but now I can post the screenshots without and with added code string.

When I made the PopupMenu for 40 items

And when I added

if (y < 0) y = 0;

Don’t be scared - this project is just some kind of sandbox for trying iPlug features :smile:

Thanks, i think this is a regression when i merged some popup menu changes, since the scrolling worked previously