Meta Param Flag Error

Hello IPlug2 users,

We got next:

ERROR: Parameter values are different since last set - probable cause: a Meta Param Flag is NOT set on a parameter that will change values of other parameters.

We have parameter “Link” which is used for linking knobs. We try to set it to MetaParameter, but we got the same error. Could you please help me with crash validation in AU Mac?

bool linkflag = false ;

GetParam(kLink)->InitEnum(“Link”, kLinkOn, Link, “”, IParam::kFlagMeta); // IParam::kFlagMeta from examples

void mytestplug::OnParamChange(int paramIdx)
switch (paramIdx)
case kLink:
if (GetParam(kLink)->Value() == kLinkOn)
linkflag = true;
// and etc.