AU crashes in Studio One


Having a strange issue thats difficult for me to troubleshoot. And the footnote I got in the bug report was also interesting.

The AU passes auval and pluginval. Works in Logic, Reaper (Ableton? Ive not had any reports). Studio one however, instant crash on load as reported by the user. Vst3 on the same system works fine. No differences in my code between versions.

SKIA cpu btw.

Now the user said they had an identical issue with another dev’s work. And the dev had fixed the issue eventually and told them it was a bug in the framework about audioTimeStamp.

I’m not implying anything by this (as it’s really not much to go on anyway). Just seemed interesting enough to pass along.

My mac testing facilities are more limited as I’m doing everything through a cloud rental atm. And I’m not able to run Studio One. I’m mostly stumped just where to even start looking.

I’ve been pretty resourceful at getting everything else worked thru so far. But this I’m just stumped…

Fortunately the VST3 works as a work-around for the time being.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated (or any other helpful info I should provide?)


Turned out to be a Studio One bug that Presonus has fixed now!