MacOS VST3 build not picked up by FL Studio

Build OS: macOS Mojave
DAW: FL Studio 20 and Reaper (Latest Download)

I am building the IPlugEffect example on a macOS Mojave. I have had success with the stand alone application, and AUv3.

When I open FL Studio and scan for plugins it does not find the VST3 I built, even though I have given FL Studio the location of the VST3 it will not pick it up as a plugin.

If I build AUv3 on macOS, and open Logic. When Logic opens, it scans the system for AU plugins, and it picks up the example project I built. Then I open FL Studio and the AU plugin of the project is available in FL Studio, but still the VST is not.

I decided to test with Reaper, and I found that when I search for the plugin I built, it shows up in Reaper as a VST3i instead of a VST, and I can select it and use it as a VST3i .

How do I build a VST3 so that it is picked up by FL Studio?

This is the target I selected for building:

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 4.42.30 PM

Ok, I figured it out.

FL Studio looks for plugins in OS default plugin locations, additionally, FL allows you to provide custom search paths for new plugins. For some reason FL wasn’t picking up my VSTs in the custom search paths but when I added them to the OS default plug in location, FL accepted them!