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Automated parameters = little green dots in Pro Tools - cool!

I just noticed that when I automate an iPlug2 parameter in Pro Tools 2020 a little green dot shows up next to that control on the plugin UI.

Is that something new in iPlug2 or in Pro Tools? Never seen that before but it’s cool!

mmm, l’m not getting that in Logic… must be something in PT

It’s been part of the RTAS/AAX sdks for a long time. Wasn’t in iPlug1 AAX IIRC.

You can change the appearance by overriding this method in an IControl

Yes, I did not see this in iPlug1 and it’s only in Pro Tools/AAX AFAIK.

I think it’s a cool feature. Override might be necessary to change size or color depending on background, etc., otherwise it’s nice as-is! :+1: