Button blink or return to zero frame after click

              // kSwitch_N = 6;
             bitmap = pGraphics->LoadBitmap(BTN_FN, kSwitch_N);
             IBButtonControl* left = new IBButtonControl(kX, kY, bitmap, [&](IControl* pCaller) {

List of frames:

A - on
B - off and etc
A - on

I’m trying to make the button blink when pressed. Who has any ideas?

/** Load a bitmap image from disk or from windows resource :

  • @param fileNameOrResID CString file name or resource ID
  • @param nStates The number of states/frames in a multi-frame stacked bitmap
  • @param framesAreHorizontal Set \c true if the frames in a bitmap are stacked horizontally
  • @param targetScale Set \c to a number > 0 to explicity load e.g. an @2x.png
  • @return An IBitmap representing the image */