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Triggering an action when a region of the background image is clicked

I have a question about iPlug2, with NanoVG.

For my plugin, I have a simple UI, with a background PNG (that I prepared earlier, elsewhere), plus 6 buttons (IBKnobControl), and 6 edit boxes (ICaptionControl).
All works very well indeed.

However, my UI background PNG has a little “link” image, that should serve as a button, so that when people click it, it should open their browser with my website, the plugin page.

It looks like this, and I want an action to be triggered when that rectangle + arrow is clicked:

Now, I could do this with a button.
However, I haven’t figured out yet how to make an invisible but clickable button.

What I would like is if it could be simply this region in my background image, if it is clicked, that the action of opening my website is triggered.

Is this possible?

Many thanks,



pGraphics->AttachControl(new IURLControl(b.GetFromBottom(30.f).GetFromRight(35.f), " " ,“http://john-crosby.com”,IText(35., COLOR_TRANSPARENT)), kNoTag, “”);


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Yeah well that’s no good at all, that just takes me to http://john-crosby.com, not to my own website…
Just kidding!!!
Thanks so much, this works like a charm!!!
I am forever in your debt.

What’s Architectona? :smiley:

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Hi John,

Even shorter:

pGraphics->AttachControl(new IURLControl(IRECT(647, 22, 807, 80), "", PLUG_URL_STR));

works just fine.



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Hi Matt,

I’m glad code snippet helped and thanks for efficiency upgrade :+1:

Btw. Architecton is a reverb plugin with Space parameters instead of common Time related controls. Check MacAU or WinVST3 betas.