Exc_bad_access crash when building iPlugFaustDSP example project

hi all! mentioned this on the discord server, but didn’t get any replies and figured it might be better to document it here.

i was able to build my first plugin with faust based on this example project, but now on starting my second one I cannot get it to run. however, the original project still builds and runs fine.

here is what i’ve done:

fresh pull of iplug into a new folder, downloaded needed libraries/sdks as given in the documentation
opened the iPlugFaustDSP project directly, and built an AUv2 (with no warnings, builds successfully)
opened the plugin as is in logic, passed plugin validation, and the following line fails on opening the plugin:

llvm_dsp_factory* pFactory = createDSPFactoryFromString(name.Get(), mSourceCodeStr.Get(), N, argv, GetLLVMArchStr(), error, mOptimizationLevel);

the error is: Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x72006500500040)

i’m on an arm based system, but i’m building to a rosetta target, so hopefully there shouldn’t be any issues with libfaust/others there, and it worked before so i’m not sure what has changed.

the line in the readme for this project about the app sandbox seems to make sense, but there’s no option to disable the app sandbox or even for a “code signing identity” field when building to an AU, only an app.

any ideas on fixing this? if nobody is encountering this it’s got to be an issue with my xcode configuration or my signing profile or something, just haven’t had enough time to try everything yet.