"FL Studio" strikes again - VST2 doubling signal level - solved

More issues with FL Studio (the most troublesome DAW I have come across).

I just discovered that the VST2 version of one of my plugins produces a 6dB (2x) gain increase when inserted on a track in FL Studio 20. The VST3 version of the plugin does not do this.

I have not seen this behavior in any other DAW.

I don’t have any idea what is causing this or how to fix it. Everything looks fine/correct when running in debugger. What could possibly be causing an exact level doubling like this? Any ideas?

Found the problem here. This particular plugin provides 3 stereo output buses. It appears that FL Studio can’t handle that properly and is mixing all three output buses together onto the Main bus. The immediate solution is to turn off output buses 2 and 3 in the FL Studio plugin settings options OR use the VST3 version.

The VST3 version of the plugin shows up in FL Studio plugin options with bus 2 and 3 already turned off.

Will look into conditional code to “fix” this in the plugin but it appears to be caused by a bug in FL Studio.

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