Lots of posts on this forum about issues with "FL Studio"

I have seen many posts on this forum - and GitHub - about problems with FL Studio.

I am also having some issues in FL Studio that I do not have with any other DAWs.

So, is FL Studio a “buggy” DAW (that we have no control over) - or is it a unique DAW that requires a lot of conditional code tweaks?

FLStudio is not a buggy DAW, but it needs special consideration, because it is one of the DAWs that splits the VST process block into smaller chunks in order to enable sample accurate automation. So you possibly get irregular size blocks of samples on each call to ProcessBlock() compared with most DAWs which call with a fixed size of e.g. 128 samples

Thank you for the reply.

I have not experienced any problems with the audio processing thread but I am having problems with “peripherals” like parameter loading, UI drawing, etc., and it occurs with all VST2 plugins I have built. The issues only appear in FL Studio - runs fine in other DAWs - thus my question in this post.