Handling trackpad gestures in macOS with IGraphics

I’m trying to get trackpad gestures like two-finger scrolling and zooming, however when setting a breakpoint in the OnGesture(const IGestureInfo& info) function of my control, the breakpoint doesn’t fire.
How to make the touchpad work in my plugin?
Is it even possible?

Gestures are only implemented on iOS, but it looks like it wouldn’t be much work to add for macOS

To do this, you should probably declare and implement methods:
onTapGesture, onLongPressGesture, onSwipeGesture, onPinchGesture, onRotateGesture
from IGraphicsIOS_view.h and IGraphicsIOS_view.mm in IGraphicsMac_view.h and IGraphicsMac_view.mm?

Here is a start, seems to work for rotate and pinch gestures


Thanks! However, all these innovations do not compile on my Xcode 8.0.