How To Build For M1?

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guess I am to stupid for this: What exactly do I have to do/set to build my iPlug2 project for native Apple M1? I tried various attempts to set “Architectures” to “arm64” but I guess I have to do more for Clang, eh?

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Typically, just have the projects set to “Standard Architectures (Apple Silicon, Intel)”, or $(ARCHS_STANDARD). That should build a Universal Binary that will run on both. If you’re building for AAX you’ll want to make sure that the Xcode attribute "Excluded architectures has “arm64” for the AAX target since you can’t really build AAX for Apple Silicon yet. (and yes, technically you CAN build it for Apple Silicon with latest AAX SDK, but nothing will use it and you’ll likely break backwards compatibility with older versions of Pro Tools.)

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Actually it was a bit more work since I had to update my project files to the latest & greatest iPlug2 standard… my bad. So I learned more about Xcode projects stuff than I ever wanted to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway, now it’s working. :v:

Cheers, Björn