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Introducing big.little.gain, a simple (but useful) volume plugin

I was trying to automate the volume of a track with an LFO, but because most volume plugins have really large ranges, the LFO looked like a straight line. It worked, but it was hard to edit. So I made big.little.gain (or BigLittleGain).

This plugin gives you two knobs: coarse gain and fine gain. Coarse is pretty much what you’d expect from a gain plugin, but fine gain gives you a much smaller range, to more easily make precise volume changes. Furthermore each knob has a slider to change the min and max values, so you can more easily match the automation clip to what you think it should look like.

Currently I only have binaries for Windows, but I’ll update the release page with MacOS binaries once I get around to it. The plugin works, but I want to put it through a few more tests before I call it done.

For reference I think I’ve spent total 3-4 hours on it now. That includes v1.0 and now v1.1 after some feedback from a friend. I don’t have anything concrete, but I’d guess most of my time was spent making the UI look like I wanted, the DSP code is dead simple.

Anyways, I hope some people find it useful, and if there are any bugs, please let me know!

EDIT: The name is because I have both a big (coarse) and little (fine) knob, and a play on words with the “big.LITTLE” ARM architecture.

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