Developed an Algorithmic Reverb: Tranquil, as a college student!

Hello everyone,

I’m Devashish and I recently developed an algorithmic reverb with iPlug2 called Tranquil. I’m a senior college student and this is my first plugin. It was a life changing experience! Made the GUI in Blender. Feel free to ask me anything :slight_smile:

In case anyone’s interested, here’s the link to the plugin website: Tranquil

and here’s a screenshot of the GUI:

Looking forward to an engaging discussion,


Congrats! I think shipping a .exe installer would be better than a .rar file

Oh yeah, totally. Would have been quite a seamless experience for the end user. I didn’t look much into making an installer. I was concerned about meddling with the admin permissions, especially since the VST3 location is protected. Could you point me towards any resources that might help me write good setups in the future?


Each iPlug2 project has scripts to build the plug-in and make an installer. On Windows, this involves using InnoSetup.

I can’t remember right now if those scripts are up to date in the Examples folder. The iPlug2OOS project is where I have done the most recent work on that stuff

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Thanks so much for this! I’ll definitely choose this route in the future.

On a separate note, I have had a doubt regarding bitmaps in iPlug2 for a long time, and I hope to get some insight on this. So, here’s the problem I was facing: I wanted to attach a background to my plugin region, which is 2x the size of the plugin region on the screen. I could get this result by doing the following:

const IRECT b = pGraphics->GetBounds();
IBitmap bg = pGraphics->LoadBitmap(BG_FN);
// for 2X
bg.GetAPIBitmap()->SetBitmap(bg.GetAPIBitmap()->GetBitmap(), bg.W()/2, bg.H()/2, 1, 1);
pGraphics->AttachControl(new IBitmapControl(b, bg));

at the beginning of the mLayoutFunc().

It does seem to work for my screen/daw/os version (not sure what matters as of now) and several other systems on which I tested the GUI having Ableton and FL studio. However, on some systems the background image gets displayed at double the size of the plugin region. Which indicates the scaling somehow didn’t work.

The same happened with my knob images (which were 2x) as well; they have the correct location, but appear twice as big as they should be. Does the bitmap API behave differently on different systems?
What might be causing the issue?

Can share a screenshot if needed,
Thanks in advance!

Looks really nice! Blender is my go-to for UI design too. I’m a high school student and can’t wait until college so I can get a good grip on all of the math behind simulating 3D space in algorithms.

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