iPlug2 and CLAP?

I am sure this must have been asked before and I am just to dumb to find the answer… :melting_face:
Is CLAP support planned or even (prototypical) available for iPlug2?

Cheers, Björn

Yes! @AlexHarker has been working on it and you’ll find the WIP on the “clap” branch


How will features and advantages of CLAP be added to IPlug if the other formats don’t support them? Will IPlug eventually branch into different versions or ?

It’s not totally clear to me yet how we’ll add the per-note modulation stuff and so on but it shouldn’t be too painful. CLAP will just be another target, there won’t be multiple versions

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Finally got some sound out of the blooo ported to CLAP after messing with the IPlugCLAP.h/.cpp files… :innocent:

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Download here (currently Windows only): https://www.fullbucket.de/music/blooo.html