How to 'clap-ify' an existing solution?


I have several plugins that I made using iPlug2’s main (not CLAP-enabled) branch.

I now want to ‘clap-ify’ them, i.e. I want to add a *-clap project to the existing solution (so it’ll have *-aax, *-app, *-clap, *-vst2, and *-vst3, instead of just the usual 4 projects).

My iPlug2 itself is now CLAP-enabled (i.e. I switched to the ‘clap’ branch, and I’ve got CLAP_HELPERS and CLAP_SDK in place), and any new plugin duplicated from an example has *-clap, and indeed works just fine; but an existing plugin misses the *‑clap project (i.e., still has only 4 projects, not 5).

What’s the best way to get this added?
Is there a script for this?

Many thanks!

hello. CLAP support for iPlug2 is not finished, so thats why it’s not merged to master yet, and when it gets merged i’ll update all the template projects so they start out with clap targets. The easiest way for you to update an existing project is to re-duplicate IPlugEffect on the clap branch, but you may have to do that again if we make more modifications to the build scripts and Xcode/VS projects.

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Thanks Oli, I appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: