Issue refreshing ImGui windows on iPlug2


Currently, I’m facing an issue trying to implement an application that uses IPlug2 and ImGui something similar like the one below:

When I launch my application the ImGui window is not displayed; if I resize the application the ImGui window appears however I cannot make any interaction on this window but if again I resize the aplication once again the ImGui window is refreshed.

I tried to run the same application in another PC and everything works properly.

Anyone has any idea about what could be happening?


I guess you are using an old commit, because I have recently removed ImGui support. The implementation on top of IGraphics was not very clean. The ImGui widgets would only get redrawn if the IControls that cover the same area were dirty. So to fix your problem, you could make sure the whole UI redraws all the time, but that is not very efficient.

I’ve implemented your suggestion and it works properly :slight_smile:

After implement this I can see that GPU increases around 10% (this is expected), so far it is not a problem in my application.

Apart from that, I did some tests in other PCs updating the video card driver and running my application without the fix suggested and the ImGui widgets work properly (this is only happening in some PCs).
Do you have any idea why this happening?

Thanks for your support!