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IPlug2 does not work in Windows 7

I decided to test the plug-in on a computer with Windows 7.
GUI does not work. Checked in FL Studio and Reaper.

However, on another computer with Windows 10, the plugin works fine.
What could it be?

Here is the system information:

Version of OpenGL (opengl32.dll) 6.1.7600.16385

don’t compile with IGRAPHICS_VSYNC

And how will this affect the work in Windows 8 or 10?
Or is it better to build without this option specifically for Windows 7?

the framerate will not be smooth on windows 8/10 and resizing will be more janky. Currently if you really want to support windows 7, which has been EOLd several months ago, you either make 2 builds of your plugin, or don’t use IGRAPHICS_VSYNC. We can probably find a better solution to this

Thanks for the tip. The window size is fixed, and the shift frequency I think is not critical for the rotation of the handles, although you need to experiment.

I’m compile without IGRAPHICS_VSYNC, but this did not give the desired result - GUI is also not available in Windows7.
Have you tried to build a plugin without the IGRAPHICS_VSYNC and check the functionality in Windows 7?

The only reasonable solution is to use the old version of IPlug, which works in Windows 7 without problems.

Feel free to work on the windows 7 support, it’s not a high priority for me

OK. I will write in the annotations for my plugins that Windows 7 and older are no longer supported.

branch here will switch to WM_TIMER on windows 7 and use VSYNC on windows 8+

If there is a black screen on windows 7 it probably means the users graphics drivers need updating or doesn’t support OpenGL.

However, other applications using OpenGL work fine on this computer.
I could be a debug it by installing a visual studio on a computer with Windows 7, but something tells me that this will be a waste of time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

really tired of your attitude

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OK. Then tell me how to compile the code with the AGG graphics library? As far as I know, she has no problems with Windows 7.

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By default, the NanoVG library is connected, but how to connect the AGG library instead?
What should be changed in the code?..

i posted a link, read it :slight_smile:

I apologize, I did not immediately realize.

ok no problem. I don’t recommend using AGG. SKIA with IGRAPHICS_CPU is a better option

I understand that in order for the project to compile with SKIA, do you need to install anything else?

I did everything as written in the instructions. However, a linker error occurred while compiling the IPlugEffect example:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "private: __thiscall SkSVGText::SkSVGText(void)" (??0SkSVGText@@AAE@XZ) in function "public: static class sk_sp<class SkSVGText> __cdecl SkSVGText::Make(void)" (?Make@SkSVGText@@SA?AV?$sk_sp@VSkSVGText@@@@XZ) IPlugEffect-vst2

Advise how to compile a demo with the SKIA library.