Knobs are not visible on the GUI

One of the users of BassMatrix has reported problems using my plugin in Windows.

The knobs are not visible on the GUI neither on the standalone or the VST3, regardless of the VST host used.

The user get a black banner where the knobs should be.

The users guess it that is has something to do with the antiquated GPU the user have (Intel HD 2000).

The BassMatrix uses IGRAPHICS_NANOVG;IGRAPHICS_GL2 as definitions in the BassMatrix-win.props file.

I am also using NANOVG because, IME, it produces sharper-looking bitmap images than SKIA, especially when the UI is resized.

However, yes, I have had issues with it on older PCs, mostly laptops. But in my case the plugin completely crashed and did not just show black boxes where the controls should be.

I have found one cause of the “black boxes” is if you have stacked bitmaps that exceed the size limits for NANOVG. If your bitmaps are square there is not much you can do besides reduce the number of frames. But if your bitmaps are rectangular try stacking them horizontally instead of vertically, etc., whatever it takes to get within NANOVG’s total dimension limits (<16,384 total pixels in height and <16,384 in width).

Thanks for the answer!

In my case it seems that the image is within the limit. So it’s probably something else.