MidiEffects does not work in Ableton

I am developing a MIDI effect. As a template, I took the example of IPlugMidiEffect.
When launched in Ableton, he does not want to become a tool in front of another vst and does not give the CC midi in any way. This happens both in the VST2 and in the VST3.
A similar problem voiced here - MidiEffects does not work on VST3? · Issue #236 · iPlug2/iPlug2 · GitHub could not help the solution. In other DAWs, everything works fine.

FWIW - I have had MANY issues with Ableton requiring much head scratching and conditional code. And yes, ONLY in Ableton - works fine everywhere else. IMO it is a problem in how Ableton implements the VST specs. AFAIK, our only choice is to spend hours debugging and modifying or don’t support Ableton.

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I solved the problem simply - do not use Iplug2 and, in general, the VST plugin as such. I am developing a separate application that sends the necessary MIDI CC to Ableton. Also, the window of the developed program has the “Always on top” style, which removes the restrictions that in Ableton the plugin window closes when changing the track.