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Override iplug init

Dear friends, how can I override the initialization of parameters when starting a plugin? When a user loads a plugin or loads it in a project.
I making a controller for an hardware synthesizer and initialization at startup is not always required.
I’ve using OnParamChange to send midi via SendMidiMsgFromUI. Any tips?

I’m not sure you can. Initialisation of parameters is not only in charge of setting up default values, it also takes care of creating the parameter objects in the first place. Without initialisation your synth wouldn’t know where to look.

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Thank you for answer Ric! I will ask differently. Is there a trigger that initialization is complete? And after it’s trigger OnParamChange will not send anything without user interaction.

l suppose you can call another function from the plugin constructor right after the param initialisation… l’m not sure if it will be good for what you need though

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Unfortunately dynamic parameters are not really well supported in lots of hosts, although some DAWs /plug-in APIs allow it. So I think probably what you want to do is the kind of thing that kontakt does, i.e specify a certain number of unnamed parameters, that then get mapped in your GUI

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