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Some questions about audio and midi inputs and outputs configuration

Hi everyone!
I have faced some related questions I couldn’t find the answers. So I ask you for the help, answers or pointing where I can to find the answers, please.

  1. My plugin uses only midi interface (Midi messages and SysEx messages) and it doesn’t need the audio IO. How can I switch off changing the audio driver at standalone plugin startup? When I try to comment TryToChangeAudioDriverType(); and/or ProbeAudioIO(); in IPlugAPP_host.cpp I stop receive Midi Messages. I removed audio driver choice from the Preference menu and now I need to switch off it’s changing at start.

  2. Could you explain or point me where I can find an explanation of what means PLUG_CHANNEL_IO "1-2", PLUG_TYPE 1, PLUG_DOES_MPE 1?

  3. In additional, my plugin doesn’t receive Midi messages in case I haven’t plug the microphone to my PC (Windows). It starts but receiving no messages Midi or SysEx. I suspect I have a wrong configuration:

#define PLUG_CHANNEL_IO "1-2"
#define PLUG_LATENCY 0
#define PLUG_TYPE 1
#define PLUG_DOES_MPE 1

I checked a little more: when I start the plugin with a microphone is plugged in and then unplug it, the plugin get crush. When I start my plugin with unplugged microphone and then plug it in, open Preferences and click Apply, the plugin starts receive Midi and SysEx

Thanks for the help!
And special thanks to Oli and the team for the amazing iPlug2!

iPlug2’s app wrapper is kind-of designed for audio + midi not midi alone. If you wanted to make a standalone MIDI only thing, you could duplicate the app wrapper stuff and customise it and hack the iPlug2 base classes. I don’t advise that of course!

Thank you for the answer!
Could you explain please, #define PLUG_CHANNEL_IO "1-2" means plugin input channel 1 is routed to plugin output channel 2 or something else?

That means that the plug-in has a mono input and a stereo output.

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