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Routing input/output channels in Reaper

Hi there

If the number of channels is more than two (4x4 to make in Reaper), any example from Iplug2 Github stops working. This glitch often appears in vst3 versions of plugin alliance and waves. I mean:

Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 19.18.22

Quick treatment is to reduce the number of channels forcibly. However, many plugins use 4 channels - two for signal input, two for sidechain from an external source.

By default, in the plugin settings, this is

There’s also this guy’s code (but it doesn’t work for me)

I suppose it doesn’t make sense to read the old iplug version.
Maybe someone has faced a similar problem and knows how to solve it. Let me know, please


I’m not sure I understand. IPlugSideChain and IPlugSurroundEffect VST3 are working in the latest version of Reaper for me.

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Thank you so much for your time. It’s valuable to get an answer.

Steps to reproduce:


1FX - ReaGate by Reaper
2FX - IPluginEffect (no sound)

But it’s strange to me that such large companies can’t fix this problem.

While searching the forum, I tried it and it helped me:

Thanks for the forum!