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[Solved] Multiple MIDI Channel I/O?

How can I get multiple MIDI channel I/O for VST3 ?


:point_right:pPlug->addEventInput(STR16(“MIDI Input”), VST3_NUM_MIDI_IN_CHANS);
:memo:pPlug->addEventInput(STR16(“MIDI Input”), 16);

:point_right:pPlug->addEventInput(STR16(“MIDI Output”), VST3_NUM_MIDI_OUT_CHANS);
:memo:pPlug->addEventOutput(STR16(“MIDI Output”), 16);

Yeah you can override this with a compile-time preprocessor macro VST3_NUM_MIDI_IN_CHANS=16, but you will then have 128 * 16 MIDI cc parameters on your VST3

I have this also setup for my plugins this way. But is there a way to make only the "user defined (kparams…) visible to the vst-host ?

Eg. I use Gig Performer as my vst-host, and use the defined Parameters for automation. In gig performer I see my defined Parameters (nicely named) and additionally 16x128 “cc” parameters… Would be nice if these can be suppressed.