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Stone Voices Plug-Ins

In this topics, I will introduce the VST plugins I have made through IPlug2.
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So, meet the first plugin – Moss Equalizer v1.1

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Ambient Reverb v6.0

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Another plugin developed by me. This time commissioned by Wikisound.

The Wikisound Correction plug-in is designed to calibrate headphones and equalize the frequency response of room acoustics.

In simple terms, the application of Wikisound Correction evens out the sound and allows you to approach the studio, flat, “monitor” sound. This applies to both headphones and indoor speakers. As a result, you begin to hear a more honest picture of the mix, which improves the mixing results.

I also emphasize that one of the features of this plugin is a real-time skin change. The selected skin is automatically installed in a new session with the plugin. It is enough to press the switch and change the skin. To do this, we had to add a style manager to the framework.

Looking good, nice work !

Free VST plugin “Chorus GAS” (Windows VST2/VST3)

Download (3.8 MB)

Free VST plugin “Brandulator” (Windows VST2/VST3)

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