The size of the IPlugEffect plug-in

Hi. I’ve just compiled the Release version of IPlugEffect with Skia library (NanoVG doesn’t work on my computers). Resizing/rescaling works like a charm, but the size of the Mac version (41 MB) is many times larger than the size of the Windows version (6 MB). Am I doing something wrong? The size of AU+VST+VST3 exceeds 120 MB on Mac. Is it possible?

on mac you have to support arm64 and intel architectures which makes your binary 2x the size. Skia is a large dependency but if you don’t need svg support you can define IGRAPHICS_NO_SKIA_SVG at compile time and not link libskiasvg.a to reduce the binary size

Thank you, Oli. I used this flag in both IplugEffect-mac.xcconfig and IplugEffect-win.props. The size of the IPlugEffect plug-in became substantially smaller: 16 MB on Mac (AU version) and 5.5 MB on Windows (VST version).

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