How to make IplugResponsiveUI HighDPI compatible?

I have 2 plugins based of IPlugResponsiveUI plugin and they suffer from the same issue when using HighDPI.

Here is a screenshot of the plugin in normal mode 500x500 UI.


And here is a screenshot of the same plugin with 150% zoom on windows.

My plugins suffer the same issue as reported by a user on Ableton Live, same happens on windows on any DAW at 150% zoom.

The problem seems to happen only on IplugResponsiveUI demo, I’m still investigating, tried setting PLUG_HOST_RESIZE 0 with no effect, will report any other findings, any tips appreciated!

Please don’t spend too much time investigating. I believe the problem here is in Live not in iPlug2. Please submit a bug report here.

Thanks but this also happens on any DAW using windows 150% zoom on IplugResponsiveUI demo, I haven’t had much time but I think not all Iplug demos suffer this issue so there may be a work around.

right. You might try cherry picking this commit and see what happens:

(i would try VST3PluginTestHost first)

It actually works!

Should I wait for the feature to be finished/merged or its safe to ship? How come this is a latest feature, no one missed it before?

Thanks a lot.