Trouble with VST3 presets

Hey guys!
I’m swithching from WDL-OL to IPlug2 and I’m not having any issues with the vst2 versions of my plugins. But on the vst3 version the presets don’t work. When I select a preset, flstudio notices the preset change and even states the name of the preset like:

Beach Drums (Internal) 2/6

But nothing happens, knobs don’t move and the plugin’s effect doesn’t change. I had added the following lines (in -win.props) to enable VST3 presets:

<BuildMacro Include="VST3_PRESET_LIST">

Did I do it wrong?
Am I forgetting something?
Thanks a lot!

I don;t think you are actually setting the preprocessor macro.

I would add it here



I’ve allready tried that, but thanks for the help!
It may be related to the way I implemented the parameters… Do you know maybe what functions are called when the preset is changed?

just tried VST3_PRESET_LIST here and its working in FLStudio 20 with iPlug2 master for my Endless Series plugin

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When I compile the VST3 version, I get an error after compiling:
The plugin doesn’t open but it gets compiled anyway and seems to work fine, so I never bothered. Could this be the reason the presets won’t work?