User folder by getenv

Hello everyone:

For any plugin, there is a path to the presets folder (Win):

string presetPath = "\\Any1\\Any2\\Presets\\" + start + ".preset";

char presetPath[MAX_PATH];
strcat(anyPath, presetPath.c_str());
ifstream file1(presetPath);


On Mac (doesn’t work):

  string preset_file = "/Users/" + (string)getenv("USER") + "/Any1/Any2/Presets/" + start + ".preset"
  ifstream filepr(preset_file);

  if (!filepr.is_open())
  else {


How to get the “User” folder on mac?? I will be glad to hear any arguments or examples.

you can use UserHomePath () or SandboxSafeAppSupportPath() in IPlugPaths.h

Can’t try Olis suggestion right now so maybe it’s obsolete. Anyway…
I save my data in a subfolder of the Application Support folder and get that by:

FSRef ref;
OSType folderType = kApplicationSupportFolderType;
char appdata[MAX_PATH];
FSFindFolder( kLocalDomain, folderType, kCreateFolder, &ref );
FSRefMakePath( &ref, (UInt8*)&appdata, MAX_PATH );

I didn’t try myself but guess you can get the User folder with ‘kCurrentUserFolderLocation’

I made a stupid but working version:

char presets_file_path[PATH_MAX];

strcpy(presets_file_path, "/Users/");
strcat(presets_file_path, getenv("USER"));
strcat(presets_file_path, "/Documents/AAA/BBB/Presets/start.preset");



This will break in audiounits on apple silicon in sandboxed hosts like Logic and Garageband. Most devs are going for ~/Music ~/Documents may also work, not sure

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to ask here, but the question is about the paths, for example, I open my VST plugin in the Reaper, how do I find out the path to the VST plugin and not the path to the executable file that my plugin opens, i.e. the Reaper. This is already what I need for debag so as not to break the new Apple Silicon((

That is, the moment is specified, whether there is a common function for both operating systems?

PluginPath(), but I am not sure it is reliable

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At the moment, this is what it looks like for me (win):

char plugin_path[1024];
uint32_t size = sizeof(plugin_path);
_NSGetExecutablePath(plugin_path, &size);

so I have to test all the options


For reference, maybe it will help someone.
About: Get the self path (not executable app)

This Function for mac is equivalent to WIN32 Api function.

This code gets an executable app path

char plugin_path[1024];
uint32_t size = sizeof(plugin_path);
_NSGetExecutablePath(plugin_path, &size);

This is way late, but if you’re looking for the home directory and find that it doesn’t get sandboxed, you can use getenv(“HOME”) - that should be valid on any *nix OS.

For Windows it should be getenv(“USERPROFILE”)