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Getting Started: Windows

Here is a new wiki page describing how to get started on Windows:

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Hi Oli,

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this!

Just wanted to let you know that I managed to follow all the steps and it worked pretty much perfectly. Had to restart VS once to get the projects to load, and I did have to mess around with the permissions for \Common Files\VST3.

cool, welcome, glad it worked and thanks for the feedback

Thanks for this, it was very helpful in getting me set up quickly. However, one small issue is that at least one of the python scripts appear to be written for python 2 instead of 3 as you state in the guide. Eg the select_host.py script calls raw_input(). (& when I edited the script to be python 3 compatible, running it broke my vs2019 build process slightly). However I am not a python expert and could be misinterpreting what is going on.

Somewhat related, trying to understand the python / windows batch / shell scripts was not easy because of the directory name variables that I couldn’t mentally interpolate (as a lowly simd programmer with short term memory problems). I would really like to create my own VS2019 project from scratch in order to learn & understand all the dependencies and options etc. My general first impression was that the C++ parts of iPlug look awesome but the non-C++ parts look confusing :slight_smile:

updated the select_host.py script for python 3.

don’t really know why you would try and interpolate a directory name :laughing:, bound to be confusing. The reason iPlug2 comes with projects that you clone and they (hopefully) just work (and are set up just beautifully in my opinion), is that configuring the IDE correctly for complicated multi-platform, multi-plug-in format projects is such a horrible experience that it puts a lot of people off C++ coding. That being said, we have several people working on CMake support, which may be of interest, to pros who prefer to set up their own project.

Hi jdrayton,

how did you mess with the permissions for \Common Files\VST3?
I am currently having issues with that aswell.

Hi zahmerCode,

I just booted up the VM I tried this in to try and jog my memory. I don’t think it was anything special, in fact I suspect it was a user error.

When you select the edit option from the security tab, even if you have select the users group it shows you the same list again in the windows that pops up. You have to scroll down again to the users group to edit the permissions. I’ve attached a screenshot to give an example, I think this is unintuitive behavior personally…

I’m afraid I can’t remember if I did anything else.

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Thank you!

I also think that it might be an user error. My problems only arise with VSTis but not with VST3 plugins. So the problem was not with the permissions, as I initially thought.