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Wam Build Error

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to build a wam version of my plugin.
When running the ./makedist-web.sh on my mac I get the following error:

shared:INFO: (Emscripten: Running sanity checks)
emcc: error: EXPORT_NAME is not a valid JS identifier: AudioWorkletGlobalScope.WAM.MyNewPlugin
make: *** […/build-web/scripts/MyNewPlugin-wam.js] Error 1
emmake: error: ‘make --makefile MyNewPlugin-wam-processor.mk’ failed (returned 2)
IPlugWAM WASM compilation failed

I get the same error when trying to build the example plugins.
However it builds just fine when I build it on the docker.

One more thing - is it possible to load a .fxp preset file on the wam build? reading / writing any files on the server?



Great to see people trying this :wink:

This is an issue with the latest versions of emscripten. You can hack emscripten to work around it by modifying the following line to return true

Thanks a lot for the quick answer.
It works now.

The line is now in tools/js_manipulation.py line 97 in the latest version, if anybody run to this issue.

Any idea about loading presets files / audio files?

I talk about this a bit in this ADC presentation

For https://virtualcz.io, I just use MakePresetFromBlob() and bake in presets.

If you want to load presets and audio files at runtime, you’ll have to investigate the emscripten APIs for that kind of thing