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WAM + WebViewEditorDelegate

Hi! I’m trying to get a plugin compiled for WAM - is it possible to use a WebView based editor for that yet? Running the makedist-web.sh script gives me errors about undeclared identifiers: mEditorInitFunc, LoadFile, EnableScroll and Resize, which are all WebViewEditorDelegate specific calls. Maybe its not supported yet?

no, not supported yet i’m afraid

Ok thanks! Will cobble some sort of hack together tomorrow or even (god forbid) contribute something back to the iplug2 source

So, I put in the #if IPLUG_EDITOR guard around the WebViewEditorDelegate-specific code which got it compiling, at least up to the WAM build, then it fails on the web controller part of the build obviously, but I don’t need that bit, just some glue code in javascript, which I can sort of cobble together with the standard WAM example code.