Audio sequencer

Do you think it’s possible to create an audio midi sequencer based on Iplug2.
Ideally compiled in web assembly.
Thanks for help.

It would be possible to make something basic, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to make a browser based DAW, I think you would be better off using a web framework like vue or react. There are also impressive projects done entirely in rust e.g, where WASM output is part of the language. iPlug2 WAMs are really more audio-plugin like entities.

Thanks for your answer.
We are currently writing an open source cross platfform we have our own graphics library.
We need is cross platform audio library with very permissive licence( as we want to provide a mit licence with our framework) we hope to able to build a full sequencer as well audio and midi plugin.
Iplug seems to be the right one. .

Hey, just jumping in on this thread. And first post!

What if you were making a standalone (possibly into a plugin later) midi sequencer, so not a browser-based sequencer - would iPlug2 be a good fit?

Thanks :slight_smile: