iPlug2 Workshop @ Music Hackspace

Just a heads up for anyone who is interested. I will be doing a workshop, spread across two days about using iPlug2 to make a WAM synth that runs in the browser.

Sorry for the silly question, but what is the point of synthesizers in a browser? I see only one purpose - to allow a potential user to try out the synthesizer, get acquainted with the sound in order to decide whether it is worth downloading and using the VST version.

That is indeed one purpose that is relevant now, but check back in 5 years time, we’ll see if cloud based computing gets more and more prevalent and if it affects pro audio. Google docs etc means I rarely open MS Word these days. Web apps such as amped studio https://ampedstudio.com/ are already offering very interesting alternatives to native DAWs in, e.g. the education market. For now I think it is just fun to be able to have synth-toys in the browser, that anyone can play by visiting a URL.

By the way the workshop will use cloud based development tools, and the same code will spit out native, cross platform VST3, AU versions using free online CI/CD. Developing using the web version will allow the workshop to be managed, without a huge variety of participants IDE, DAW, system etc.


Sweet! I’m definitely attending.

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