Can iPlug2 plugins host other plugins?

Hello iPlug friends,

First time on the forum! I’m a software developer and music producer who recently decided to put those two worlds together and start making my own plugins. I stumbled upon iPlug2 and it looks super promising!

I have a few ideas I would like to start prototyping and one requires me to host VST/AU plugins. Think building “wrapper” functionality around existing plugins, or allowing the user to use their own plugins as part of a signal chain within the plugin, that sort of thing.

Had a quick look at the API documentation, and I can’t tell whether the IPlugVST3/IPlugVST3Controller classes are made to encapsulate a third-party VST or if it acts as a representation of the IPlug2 plugin itself.

Does IPlug support hosting plugins? If so, are there. any open source examples of plugin hosts built with IPlug2?

Thanks everyone!

There is no plugin hosting in iPlug2. Juce would be a good choice if you need to host plugins.

Ah, too bad. Appreciate the quick response though Oli. Big fan of your work!