Offline Processing for non-real time processing

Hello Forum, it appears that iPlug2 does not offline processing, so I wanted to ask the forum if that is the case. I have a plugin that is reads-analyzes-processes-writes, 100% offline processing. Having worked with several developers on JUCE and ARA2, both have not worked for VST3. Any advice is appreciated.

We don’t have support for ARA in iPlug2 unfortunately. Someone is very welcome to add it, but it’s not something I have time to do.

How about iPlug2 offline processing for VST3 or AU ?

I don’t really understand what you are asking. You can call IPlugProcessor::GetRenderingOffline() to find out if the plugin is running in offline processing

My apologies for the confusion. I have worked with five developers trying to get Absentia DX AAX to work as a VST3 or AU without success. Absentia is an offline processing plugin that reads-analyzes-processs-writes. My hope was that the iPlug2 platform might provide a solution.