Can iPlug2 support 7.1.2 (10 channels)? New Info

I haven’t looked into this yet because I have no way to test it - but there is a big push right now for “ATMOS” support. AFAIK, plugins cannot interface directly with the ATMOS Renderer but I am wondering if we can support 7.1.2 for the “BEDS” channels generated in the DAW.

Can iPlug2 be configured for 10 channels of I/O?

I just tested a simple gain plugin in Pro Tools Ultimate. Yes, 10 in/10 out works!

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UPDATE: It does support 10in/10out but it seems it does not fully support all other combinations up to 10 channels.

The reason is that “#define AAX_TYPE_IDS” seems to only handle up to 9 configurations. If increased to 10 it creates a compiler error “too many characters in constant”.

So it seems iPlug currently cannot support everything from 1 channel (mono) thru 10 channels (7.1.2) in the AAX format. It works in VST2 and VST3 (haven’t yet tried AU). Some combination (like 7 channels, 5.2 or 7.0) would have to be unsupported.

Unless someone knows a workaround or fix for the AAX “#define AAX_TYPE_IDS” 9 configuration limit?

I found the problem and the (DUH!) fix:

#define AAX_TYPE_IDS require 4 character constant strings. So when I went up to ‘IEF10’ it was 5 characters and - as the compiler error shows - too many characters for the string.

So, I changed ‘IEF10’ to ‘IEFA’ and now it works! All ten channels from IEF1-to IEFA.

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