Compile LV2 Plugin to Vst under Windows

Hey whats up? I am a total newbee to this feld, i got a bit of expierence in Programming and a friend of mine asked if i could help him a bit. he wants one of the LV2 master plugins as a vst plugin, the mdaJX10 to be specific. I ve done a lot of research but always run into nothing. so maybe heres someone who can help me and bring me to the right path?

mda jx10 is a very old plug-in, but it is available nowadays with the VST3 SDK. You can build it yourself with just the VST3 SDK


Thank you this was pretty helpful

May you are able to help me again? :smiley: i build the plugins and now i want to give them to my friend but if he trys to use them, the DAW(reaper) wont find them

better to ask elsewhere about this… it’s not an iPlug2 issue. I recommend the audio programmer discord community or the steinberg vst forums