Compiling Issues


Visual Studio is having issues compiling my projects. Producing a stand-alone app was fine but the VSTs was less fine. Got some friends help me get rid of the compiling errors but now the stand/alone is a no-show.

iPlug was working fine upp until when I upgraded VS from 2019 to 2021 and it just stopped working completetly. Ive since downgraded to 2019 and gotten iPlug up and running. But theres the compiling issues.

This is what the VST folder looks like. The working plugin, thats called iPlugEffect (that I created before the update) has a different icon than the non functioning ones.

Is there a managable fix for this? Should I just reinstall iPlug?

Sincerely /Bo

The contents of the non functioning folder looks like this

The most likely issue is that the permissions for the VST3 folder mean that visual studio isn’t able to write there, otherwise, not sure what to suggest.

Hi Oli

Permissions are set allow all.

Im guessing a full reinstall of iPlug is the next option? Can I install over the old one?

Thanks /Bo

Screenshot 2022-09-01 161203

I don’t think that is needed. What does the visual studio build log say when you do a clean build of the VST3?

We managed to get rid of the error message but I found a screen shot of it.

Does this help? Something with create_bundle.bat

Unfortunately doesn’t really help.

I’ll upgrade everything to VS 2022 soon and I’ll look out for any problems

Cool. Keep me posted :slight_smile:

Hi Oli

I reinstalled iPlug2 and Im up and running again. Still got the folder permission issue but I had that prior to the VS2021 update too.

Ive tried changing the permissions but Im still coming up short.

Sincerely /Bo

Maybe try checking that all the paths in the post build script error that gets printed to the console exist

Will do asap… Thanks