Controls not responding in Reaper while music is playing

I have a user reporting that he cannot change my VST plugin’s controls while the audio is playing in Reaper on Win 7/64. He says he has to stop the transport in order to be able to move the controls.

I’ve never experienced that problem. The plugins work here on both Window and Mac - and for other users - so I don’t know what could possibly be causing this on his computer.

I thought I read in another post that Reaper’s keyboard shortcut settings could interfere with the mouse but I cannot find that post nor does it make sense. Has anyone else here ever come across this?

Any input appreciated!

Update from user on this - when he attempts to move the controls he can hear that the sound is changing but the controls don’t move and the plugin’s meters only “sometimes” move.

So this is a redraw issue. I suspect his CPU is choking on the audio load and is not having time to redraw the UI. I’ve asked for more info on his project’s sample rate and sound card latency settings but he claims he does not have this problem with any other plugins.

I am using NanoVG and OpenGL2. Has been working without issue everywhere else, AFAIK.

What’s the version of REAPER? Also - is it possible that the GL rendering is using a software branch (because the hardware doesn’t support it)? That could result in quite slow drawing.

If the meters “sometimes” move it does sound likely to be CPU choking, but only if the controls move at the same time - if the controls never move then is sounds like something else.

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Thank you for the reply. Yes, I believe everything you said is possible and it’s not a problem with my plugin or iPlug2.

It’s hard to address issues like this because you never really know what the user on the other end is doing. I asked a few more questions and found out that he “prioritized his PC for audio” per some hacks he saw on YouTube; one of which was to “disable graphics animations” (whatever that entailed, IDK). But I advised him to change back whatever he did - which he did - and he is now reporting that the plugins work.

I suspect he had so much priority given to the audio that there was very little time left for graphics updates. I advised that his video hardware could also be an issue (he’s on Win7 and likely has an older PC). I don’t know why that would only affect my plugins but, again, I don’t know what all he did.

Anyhow, all is well. Thank you for your input!

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