First open bug : No profiles for AUv3


I’m a iPlug2/WDL newbe.
I’m trying to set it up (on Xcode) to learn. But, when I open/build any example, I have this issue :

  • No account for team “686EDA2T8T”. Add a new account in the Accounts preference pane or verify that your accounts have valid credentials."
  • No profiles for ‘’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any Mac App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘’.

3 times : for AUv3, AUv3Framework and AUv3App

MacBook Pro 2019 Intel
macOS 11.6 Big Sur
Xcode 12.5.1

Any help please ?
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

This is my Apple developer team ID. Unfortunately it is necessary for you to change this manually.

Select the target you want to compile and on the “Signing & Capabilities page”, choose a different option from the Team drop down menu. If you don’t have a paid apple developer account, I am not sure exactly what will be listed there (please let me know) …

This was for the APP target. You can do the same for AUv3, AUv3Framework and AUv3App