How to debug plugins from XCode 15?

I just migrated my iPlug projects from XCode 12 (on Intel Mac) to XCode 15 (on M1). The migration was easy except I am now at a complete loss how to debug. In older versions of XCode all I had to do was “Attach to Process” with the plugin debug version running in a DAW. (Debugging in Logic required attaching to the “out of process” AUHostingServiceXPC - but it was still just a matter of “Attaching” to a running process.)

Now in XCode 15 when I go to Debug->Attach to Process with a DAW running the list is completely blank - as if there were no processes running. “Attach to process by PID or Name” is greyed out.

I have System Integrity Protection temporarily turned OFF so that should not be the problem. It seems the debugging process for audio plugins has changed.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or explain here how to debug audio plugins (of any kind, VST3, AU, etc.) with later versions of Xcode? I have “Googled” this and found little help.

Thank you.

It’s strange that those things are greyed out. Typically i am launching debugging via xcode schemes, which should be shown in the top bar of the app

If you edit the scheme, you can either select a specify executable to launch each time, or choose “Ask on Launch” to choose which app to debug with

Thank you for the reply but for some reason none of that is working here. Either the procedure has changed or I am doing something wrong (most likely!).

I am building in Debug mode using these settings:

but when I try to run it I get this error message:
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 10.22.33 AM

I am not building iOS so that error seems wrong.

Likewise if I try to “Attach” to Reaper with the plugin running nothing shows up in the Debug “Attach to Process” menu and “Attach to process or PID” is greyed out:

This is Xcode 15.3 (latest) on OS Sonoma and I have SIP disabled.

I’ve never had this much trouble in the past. What am I doing wrong here? Any help appreciated!

Where it says “My Mac” in my screenshot… what does it say for you? If it says “Any Mac” then change it


Yes! That was it. Thank you!