How to run/test iOS-AUv3 plugin (simulator vs. device)

Hi all! I’m new here, and going to be getting into iOS AUv3 development a lot now, but since i’m just getting started, i may ask a lot of stupid questions.

First of all, I’m attempting to make an auv3 plugin for iOS, and so I followed getting_started_mac_ios guide, and got the standalone app running, but at the bottom of the guide, it says compiling for AUv3 is much the same, which it is, but i have no idea how to run it so far. Is it not possible to run the plugin on a simulator, and only on a real device with some kind of DAW installed?
Many thanks

If you want to debug your AUv3 on the iOS simulator, you need to have a host on the simulator. Since you can’t get e.g. Garageband or AUM on the simulator, your best bet is to build the Apple AUv3 hosting example and use that.

Ah ha… thanks for the super quick answer! I’ll try that. You should put exactly what you wrote here in the getting started guide too! :slight_smile:

Wow, that worked right out of the box! I didn’t expect that. thanks!