Free Visual Compressor Plugin

Hey everyone,
I recently released a full-vector visual compressor designed to help people understand compression better and to act as a fast-use plugin. IPlug’s graphics are seriously really awesome and I ended up writing my own graphic toolset for my future plugins starting with this one. One thing I’ve noticed in plugin development is that just like music producers have their own “sound”, so do plugin designers. There are a lot of companies where I could see the interface and pretty much instantly know who made it.

Here’s a screenshot of the UI - everything besides the logo in the about screen is vector:

Here’s the plugin page: Stupid Compressor | SNFK Music


It looks very nice. I would love to see it in action once you release for Mac. :+1:

Hi my friend I think it would be appropriate to add the knee and the rest of the knobs) + switch modes, ssl, la, opto and etc :slight_smile:

Hi snfk! I try to build this beautiful compressor on mac and there is an error

My system is macos 10.15.4, could you please help me with this error? And I really love your building concepts!

Hi and thanks,
I ran into this too while working on building it for Mac as well. I haven’t looked into it too much, but I’m assuming there is some linking issue that causes it to be redefined again.

In fact, you can probably delete the point class and anything that uses it. I made a framework a while ago to test out vector graphics for IPlug2 and ended up using it for StupidCompressor. The point class was for a hidden LFO editor - I was originally intending to add modulations but felt they would be unnecessary.

As I was building another project with the same class today, I realized that Point was already defined in another file that originated from Apple. Renaming the class fixed things up.

Thank you very much!