Has Apple blocked Logic Pro from debugging?

I am trying to debug the Logic Pro X issues I posted on this forum on OS Big Sur (Intel) using Xcode 12.5 (the same version I built the plugins with).

I can’t even get started debugging because Xcode refuses to hit any of my breakpoints. Hovering over the breakpoint flag gives the message, “Xcode won’t pause at this breakpoint because it cannot be resolved”.

Cannot be resolved? What does that mean? I have the plugins built in Debug mode as “DWARF with dSYM File” yet I get no tracing at all. I don’t have this issue debugging in other DAWs - what is the problem in Logic Pro? Is there a “trick” or does Apple have it blocked?

No solution just the Info that Logic debugs fine here. BigSur XCode12.4, Logic10.7.2
Seems like XCode thinks your code won’t ever be executed…?

Well then Xcode’s not very smart because I’m sitting here watching it run!

Any idea what is causing that? I built the plugin in Debug mode and - like I posted above - I can debug with no problem in other DAWs, just not Logic.

Xcode 12.5.1, Logic 10.7.2 on Big Sur

In the latest releases of Logic audiounit V2s are hosted in a separate process


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Ah - now that you mention it I recall reading something about that. Will take a look at your link. Thank you.