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IBSwitchControl not recording automation data in Logic Pro 10.6.1

I’m seeing the same problem with my iPlug2 builds as I saw with iPlug1 in the latest version of Logic Pro (10.6.1). For some reason the DAW is not recording IBSwitchControl changes in the automation lane when set to WRITE mode. The control itself toggles; the sound changes and Logic’s Track Inspector shows the change but the change does not affect the automation track lane data, i.e., it does not get recorded.

Since I have seen this problem with both iPlug1 and iPlug2 builds I can only assume it’s a problem in Logic - but yet could also be a “carry-over” issue from iPlug1?

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is it a known bug? I filed a bug report with Apple the first time I came across this with no reply.

AU works properly in Reaper.

Logic 10.6.1 plug-in hosting has quite a few issues, kind of waiting on the next update since i have several unanswered bug reports with apple about it already